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Young Movement 15, other known as YM15, tours serve Southern California schools and communities year-round to assist in changing the culture for all students using music, entertainment and promotion of our “Stop Bullying” campaign. This campaign teaches awareness of the dangers bullying can cause to today’s youth. Our goal is to help reduce and prevent all forms of bullying and abuse, educate against homophobia, LGBTQ discrimination, racism and hatred.


We are currently in the process of registering schools for our upcoming 2017-2018 School Tour Pep Rally & festival event and would love the opportunity to speak with you about developing a possible partnership with your school.
School Festival
YM15 will speak out and have bullying free zone festivals that bring the industry to the schools, for a day, on their campus. Young Movement 15’ wants to build around the development of innovative activities with significant and lifelong impacts on teens. Through YM15, schools will receive much needed funding to continue their educational programs, recording artists will gain exposure from their biggest fans and sponsors can brand teens’ favorable and trusted products to a huge, underserved group of young consumers.
Artist will be able to perform in front of hundred’s or thousands of students each school event. They will market there brand in a positive way and will be promoting to young generations hands on. This give artist a bigger follow base and artists gain exposure to their biggest fans
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